Basic Breakfast Ideas for Diabetes || Type 1 & Type 2

As we are hearing from childhood that breakfast plays a key role in healthy living. Your mom always says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We skip breakfast and often we skip the lunch as well, So when we get time to eat we simply overeat and thus inviting many diseases to our body.

Breakfast for a diabetic patient is must, and it benefits you in maintaining or improving their health. Breakfast means that we have to ‘break the fast’, that is because you have been sleeping overnight and did not get any proper nutrition. The body needs nutrients well on time to keep all the functioning of the body clean. So a healthy breakfast is advisable. A good breakfast helps to keep your energy up throughout the day.

 best breakfast for diabetics

Getting diagnosed with diabetes adds up many new tasks in your daily life routine. Taking timely meals, medicines, injections, leaving all the sweet dishes from your diet is not easy. It can all seem so daunting. But maintaining a good food habit can stop your disease from getting more worse and even helps to cure the problem of diabetes. Here we have discussed the basic breakfast ideas for the diabetic patients and the food habits that can keep them healthy.

Healthy Breakfast For Diabetics Type 1

Diabetes is basically the disease or disorder where your body becomes unable to produce insulin, due to which it becomes difficult for the digestive system to break down sugar particles and thus leading to high sugar levels within our body.

The cause of type 1 diabetes is that when the cells that produce insulin in our body starts degrading or dying and thus our body starts getting high sugar level. Type 1 Diabetes can be controlled simply by maintaining proper food habits.

Here we have listed the basic food ideas for Diabetes type 1 patients. Following these simple habits can make you start curing disease, or at least you can stop the problem from getting more worse.

  1. Avoid fat- and sugar-laden coffee drinks. Drink regular coffee and use 2 percent milk and a sugar substitute.
  2. Consumption of Yogurt and fruit help to keep your body fresh and control diabetes.
  3. A bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk in breakfast gives you a kick start day.
  4. A small pasta salad helps to clean your stomach and it keeps control blood pressure.
  5. Add half a banana to your cereal, or grilled tomatoes rather than opting for fried breakfast. breakfast for diabetics type 2
  6. Cup of cappuccino made with skim milk to save at least 100 calories and get the kick of caffeine.
  7. You should take healthy and low cholesterol fats like nuts, canola oils, avocado, and olive.
  8. Use 2 percent milk and a sugar substitute in coffee make a healthy breakfast for diabetics, it helps to keep you healthy.
  9. Try to use Stevia leaves sugar, that can be the best alternative for sugar without causing any side effects of high blood sugar levels.

Things to avoid in breakfast for Diabetics

For controlled diabetes, you have to avoid sugar-based drinks and fruit juices. However, leaving sugar completely off from your diet is not advised. You should not leave sugar completely in your diet in any case as that can cause low blood sugar levels which are more dangerous for the body.

Fruits, vegetables and dairy foods have sugar naturally, use of these foods keeps the need and maintenance of sugar level in your body. You should avoid chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits and sweets to control diabetes in your body. However, a controlled amount of anything is preferred over diabetic patients.

Healthy Breakfast For Diabetics Type 2

Diabetes type 2 is more common than type 1 because 80% of people don’t start caring on stages of diabetes type 1. Since they ignore the issues which are created in their body by diabetes due to lack of time and their irresponsive nature for themselves, they are more prone to get diabetes type 2, which then is more injurious for your health.

The carbohydrates from your food can be still broken down by your body when in stage 1 of diabetes, but as you have loosened the capacity to produce enough insulin for your food sugar consumption, a person gets prone or affected. As by the time, if proper diet is not maintained by type 1 patients, the soon become affected by type 2 diabetes.

Blood glucose in your body keeps rising because insulin can’t work properly and it is the main reason for a higher blood sugar level in your body. There are many reasons that lead you to get advanced in your disease.

In the modern lifestyle, the early symptoms of any disease get neglected, which in return becomes to be more injurious for your health. We advise that you shall take good care of your body and get a routine checkup from the doctor. You should take precautions in your daily life, breakfast, dinner and the sugar products which you are using. even if there is a family history of your elders that they have been ever suffered from diabetes, then you shall also take good care, as you may also be prone to diabetes.

Breakfast is the most important diet for your body, One should consider different important aspects in your breakfast like carbohydrate, fat, calories, sugar and protein intake. Following is the list of some important breakfast ideas for diabetics which can keep you healthy and control sugar level in your body.

1. Bagel, which is bagel is harmful to your body if you have diabetes, but the bagel thins with nut butter is a good diabetic breakfast and it is a good and healthy dose for healthy fat and proteins. The bagel thins with nut butter gives you kick start day, keep you healthy and boost your energy. It is oily and it can give you a proper quantity of carbohydrates.

2. Nowadays in this fast lifestyle, many people don’t take breakfast because of lack of time. People can not just take a healthy breakfast to save their time.  You can cook an egg with onion and spinach and wrap it in foil. It keeps you going until lunch and control the sugar level in your body. The egg gives you much protein and can control cholesterol in your body too.

3. Cereal mixed with semi-skimmed milk is healthy, light and energetic breakfast for diabetics type 2. Cereal helps to keep proper carbohydrate in your body and the semi-skimmed milk helps to control glucose and give proper fat and calories.

4. A lot of people skip breakfast because they have no time for it, a shake is a time saver breakfast in a fast lifestyle. A mixture of one cup fat-free milk with one -half cup of fruit, as like banana, blueberries or strawberries. The mixture of a teaspoon of nuts, ice and one cup of wheat make your breakfast tasty and healthy and it keeps going you until night.

5. Before some decades people mostly used the cereal in their breakfast, it makes a great breakfast if you use the right cereal in your breakfast. The use of low- sugar cereal with semi skim milk makes a beneficial breakfast, it keeps a proper level of glucose in your blood and controls your blood pressure, it is the best breakfast for diabetics. You can use hot or cold or both type of cereal but the use of cereal is depends on the sugar level in your body.

6. Use of almonds and fruits in your breakfast save your time and makes a light and healthy breakfast. Mainly the use of a banana, an apple, a peach, berries will help you feel full. You can touch the sweetness in the morning without any harmful diet, fruits also add the additional fiber in your body and make a healthy breakfast for diabetics. The raw almonds and nuts control fat in your body and can stabilize cholesterol.

7. Scrambled eggs and toast was the most popular breakfast in the previous years, but nowadays people don’t take it in their breakfast, while it is a healthy breakfast to start a day. Scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast topped with a sugar-free jam, light butter, or low-fat cream make your breakfast tasty and healthy and it gives you protein, fat, and proper quantity or carbohydrate.

8. A glass of bitter gourd juice and aloe vera juice helps to control sugar level and keep you away from many diseases, it can work better if you drink it after work out. Exercise may also control your blood sugar level and keep you healthy and fit. Bitter gourd juice also helps to control the blood pressure in your body.

9. You should add non-starchy vegetables to your breakfast because the vegetables are good and cheap. Vegetables can full fill water quantity in your body and maintained fiber in your body. It may also control blood pressure and stabilize sugar level in your blood. healthy breakfast for diabetics

10. Use of pumpkin and legumes make a healthy and tasty breakfast and it can give a proper quantity of carbohydrate. As we know that in diabetes, the patient has a toilet problem, the use of pumpkin can control it.

11. Nowadays, a lot of people like fast food and they eat it because of taste, while fast food is so harmful to your health. There are so many sugar-free tasty products are available in the market you can use it instead of fast food.

Healthy Food In Lunch/Dinner For Diabetics 2

Not just breakfast is the most important diet for a healthy body but also the lunch and dinner also play an important role in your diet. Food which you eat at lunch and dinner affect to your health, so you should take the healthy food in your lunch and dinner. Following are the better ideas for a healthy lunch and dinner:-

Healthy Lunch For Diabetics Type 2

  • A chicken or ham salad sandwich gives you a proper protein and controls- the sugar level in your body, ham salad sandwich is also maintained the quantity of carbohydrate in your body.
  • Fat-free curd with rice is energetic and light food, it can clean your stomach and gives you much protein.
  • Soup and a veg roll wrapped in a foil is good food in lunch and it adds additional fiber in your body. Non-starchy vegetables are better for control the sugar level and hemoglobin.

 Healthy Dinner For Diabetics Type 2

  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your dinner, it makes a better and more healthy dinner.
  • Chicken and white bean soup makes your dinner more healthy and delicious, Roasted and boil chicken gives you much protein to your body.
  • Use of green salad in your dinner increases the quantity of water in your body, green salad controls the sugar-level and blood pressure in your blood.

What Should Avoid

  • You have to avoid refined sugar products like cakes, scones, sweets, candy, etc. Because refined sugar products have too many calories.
  • You should avoid the soda because soda raises your blood sugar.
  • Artificial sweets are dangers to health because it has too much sugar.
  • High-fat non-vegetarian food you have to avoid because it has too much cholesterol.
  • Insufficient sleeping time can also raise the sugar level in your blood, so you should take the proper time to sleep.

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