Things to Know Before Taking Cold Medicine While Pregnant

The common cold is the most common disease in the world, doctors could not find out the particular reason for cold but they tell us some reason of cold like winter and sudden change in the environment. The common cold is an infectious disease which spreads from one to other.  This is not a harmful disease but in pregnancy, it can affect not just your body but also your unborn child. Cough is also a common problem in the common cold, which becomes more unpleasant during your sleeping time.

When you become pregnant, everything that happens to you can affect not just your body, but your unborn child too. This realization can make dealing with illness and sometimes can become more complicated. During pregnancy, it’s advisable that before taking any medicine, you shall consult your doctor. We have gathered some information on medicine safe to take while pregnant. 

Natural Remedies For Cold In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it’s important that you take care of your health. As the health of the immature child in the womb depends on the health of the mother carrying it. Cold is a natural process that catches you at least once a year. So if you are pregnant then you must be seeking for pregnant safe cold medicine to get rid of cold.

cold medicine pregnancy

As you cannot find any medicine specifically to get rid of cold on the shelf of your pharmacy, you can also try some of the natural remedies to get rid of it. We have listed some of the natural remedies where you can treat yourself naturally without opting for any medicine regarding cold.

  • A steam bath is a good option for a bath to make you fresh and stop you sneezing and sore nostrils.
  • You can consume lemon tea instead of milky tea, it controls the symptoms of common cold and cough. As lemon is a natural intoxicant, it could help you in the cleaning of your throat. This can help you to eliminate cough medicines in pregnancy.
  • Chicken soup can save you from cough naturally. Having a high protein and vitamins in the diet can also help you to eliminate common cold and many other diseases, and it is also good and nutritious for the growth of your unborn child.
  • A little use of nuts, cashew, and almonds can play the role against cough and the common cold. Taking these nuts will also be advisable during pregnancy and will help you to stay fit.
  • Consumption of ginger lemon tea twice a day will keep you away from catching a cold.
  • Use of teaspoon turmeric in a full glass of milk will help you to boost your immunity and you can be safe from catching a cold.
  • Try to keep yourself warm as effects of cold can be more during the period cold. Keeping your body away from cold can also help you to get rid of cold as soon as possible.
  • In case you are feeling very dull and there is any pain sensation in your womb, then you should immediately consult a gynecologist.

Home remedies are a natural way to control the symptoms of any disease, but a consult with a doctor for any illness in pregnancy is advised.

List Of Medications You Can Take While Pregnant:

If home remedies couldn’t give you relief, you can use some cold medicine during pregnancy with a few precautions. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are so important,  this is the time when there is the development of your baby’s vital organs. During this period it is adviced that a mother does not take any medicine until prescribed by a doctor and is important to take. Any side effect from medicine can harm your unborn baby. You have to ask a doctor for any health-related problem in pregnancy because some medications can make a harmful effect on pregnant women’s body. Still, some medicine can be safe to be taken during pregnancy. We have differentiated between some of the common medicines that are found in the cabinet usually and is taken for small problems in the body like cold, pain, exertion, etc. Read the medicines below, before taking cold medicine during pregnancy.

Safe Cold And Cough Medicine During pregnancy

There is a list of some medications which are safe during pregnancy, but talk to a doctor for your disease is a better way during pregnancy.

  • Acetaminophen is a widely used medicine over-the-counter, it is used for fevers, pains, and aches. Acetaminophen is also known as Tylenol, and the active ingredient in Tylenol is paracetamol.
  • Loratadine is used for cold of allergic cold, the main purpose of Loratadine is Antihistamine.
  • Zinc Lozenges is used for common cold, it should take 75gm in a day.
  • Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) is mainly used for cough, it also used for itchy throat, runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.
  • Chloraseptic Spray is widely used for sore throat, but a gargle of salt water is more effective for sore throat with no risk.
  • Plain Cough Syrup can be used in pregnancy, it will not affect your unborn child. So cough medicine safe during pregnancy.
  • Dextromethorphan (Robitussin) can be used in pregnancy, it is mainly used for dry cough and not harmful for your developing child.
  • Magnesium Oxide Pills can be taken during pregnancy when you seek to get a bit of relaxation after a long day.

Taking the doctor’s prescription is best for any symptoms of illness during pregnancy. Some people don’t notice the symptoms and some don’t take them seriously. You should consult with a doctor that, what medicine can you take while in pregnancy, because in pregnancy every disease and medicine, directly affects your unborn child.

Everything which you eat and drink in pregnancy helps to the development of your child, so you should also ask a doctor that which type of diet is better for you and your child before consuming any drug.

Unsafe Cold And Cough Medicine During Pregnancy

There are many medicines that can be fatal and are completely unsafe to take during pregnancy. You shall not take any medicine out of your prescription. Following is the list of medicines that you shall not take during pregnancy:

  • Herbal Medications or remedies is a natural way to avoid the illness because it has many ingredients, some are safe and some are unsafe for you and your child, we can’t know exactly what ingredients contain in herbal medications and it’s best to avoid the herbal medications.
  • Naproxen ( Aleve, Naprosyn) is mainly used for body pain but its use can be harmful in pregnancy.
  • Ibuprofen is used for fever, pain, and headache, it can be dangerous in pregnancy. Ibuprofen can be used by mouth or intravenously.
  • Aspirin is also known as Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) and used for headache, fever, and swelling. It can Be upset your stomach and affect your child in pregnancy.
  • Cyclobenzaprine reduces the blood pressure rate to low levels. This can cause stomach pain during pregnancy.

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