Major Warnings & Side Effects Of Eliquis/Apixaban

Eliquis is the medicine used to prevent sudden heart strokes and blood clots in the conditions of a sudden rise in the heartbeat. Apixaban medicine is the prescription drug that is referred by the name of Eliquis by doctors all over the United States. It is one of the emergency medicine that is adviced in the conditions of irregular heartbeats for making the blood thinner.

Eliquis Side Effects

It is a nice medicine that can be taken in the case of an emergency or sometimes at prescribed doses adviced by your doctor. Like every medicine, there are different side effects of Apixiban/Eliquis too. However, eliquis side effects are not fatal but taking the higher doses can be harmful to your health. We have listed some of the major side effects of eliquis below.

Side Effects Of Eliquis:

There are different side effects of eliquis when the doses are taken in excess quantity than required or due to some allergic actions of your body with the medicine. Below are the side effects of eliquis:

  • Bleeding: Sudden bleeding from any wound or surgical stitches can be the cause of excessive eliquis in your bloodstream. Sometimes bleeding from nostrils is also caused due to thickening of the bloodstream by apixaban.
  • Nausea: feeling low and exhausted, also the yellowing in your skin tone. Lower the hemoglobin levels in your blood.
  • Motion Sickness: You will feel gastric problems and also in the digestion process of your body. Excess of eliquis causes the digestive system to lower the food digesting capacity.
  • Dizziness: Feeling sleepy all day long. It can also effect your thinking abilities too. Taking Eliquis with Cyclobenzaprine can also have the effects of sudden fainting.
  • Migraine: Pain in had or the normal headache can be the problem caused by excessive dosage of eliquis.
  • Fainting: You can feel less on energy and sometimes you can faint also.
  • Low Blood Sugar: low blood sugar levels can also be fatal and cause serious heart problems.
  • Gastroenteritis: (stomach infection) or food poisoning.
  • Signs of Bleeding
  • Anemia
  • Symptoms of liver problems
  • allergic reaction (rash, hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, difficulty breathing)

Eliquis Warnings:

There are many precautions and warnings that you shall know before taking the eliquis. We strictly recommend that do not take any eliquis pills without consulting your doctor. You shall check for any condition like allergies, heart dysfunction, liver infection, etc. Also, you shall make sure that if you are already on any medicine then is it safe to mix it with eliquis. Below are some of the warnings that you shall check before opting for eliquis medication.

  • Risk of more Bleeding: Since eliquis is used for thickening of the blood, there could be a serious risk of high bleeding in case of any wounds or cut or any recent surgical operation. You shall consult your doctor about the dosage of the medicine taking into consideration of your any past medical history. The condition of high blood pressure, any eye related problems, ulcers, had any surgery in the brain, spinal cord, intestine, etc, then you shall not consider taking Eliquis medicine. Eliquis blood thinner can be the problem in all the above-listed conditions.
  • Problem in Heart Valves: It is adviced that in case of the problems like Prosthetic Heart Valves or Severe Rheumatic heart disease, eliquis shall not be taken in any case as it can be harmful to the heart and can cause ou heart stroke. A little dosage may be prescribed according to doctor’s experience and knowledge, but we advise it shall not be taken in any of these cases.
  • kidney Disease: this medicine is not at all advised to te patients with kidney dysfunction problems or by the people who are undergoing regular dialysis. In the condition of the kidney disease or dysfunction, you shall consult your doctor before opting for eliquis pills.
  • Liver Disease: In case of any liver dysfunction or disease you shall consult your doctor before taking any of the eliquis pills. In case of this condition if you or your doctor is opting for the apixaban dosage, then you shall be monitored for all the possible side effects of the medicine. Apixaban is not recommended for patients of acute liver disorders.
  • Spinal Problems: if you have any medical history related to spinal injury or surgery within the last two years then you shall no consume the eliquis pills. You can, however, consult your doctor if you feel to take any dosage.
  • Epidural Catheters: This medication should not be taken by people who have spinal or epidural catheters in place or for 5 hours after their removal. It should not be taken by people receiving pain medications through an epidural catheter.
  • Pregnancy: It is not advisory for pregnant women to take Eliquis at all. Taking Eliquis while pregnancy can cause serious damage to the developing body parts of the baby inside the mother’s womb. Even if you are under medication of Apixaban, and got pregnant under its continued medication, then you shall stop your current medication and consult the doctor immediately.
  • Breast-Feeding: It is reported that a lactating mother can pass on the eliquis to her child while breastfeeding. This can cause some serious problems in your child so you shall no take this medication without consulting your doctor.
  • Adolescents / Senior: Children below the age of 18 yrs and seniors above the age of 70 yrs, shall not take the medication as it can be injurious to their health. If you have accidentally taken the medicine then you shall consult the doctor immediately.
  • Taking Magnesium Oxide supplements over Eliquis can create problems of extremely high, BP, increase the chances of sudden stroke in heart patients, etc.

What are the Bad Side Effects of Eliquis/Aapixiban?

The main and the worst side effect of Eliquis or Apixaban is Nausea and Bleeding. Both can be fatal and injurious to healthy living. Nausea is related to dizziness, vomiting, high blood pressure, anxiety, etc, Where Bleeding is related to the effect of Eliquis for blood thickening.

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